Big Paper Strategy - Graphic Recording

Matt Orley's Big Paper Strategy is a confluence of graphic facilitation and creative thinking.

Events served with Live Illustrations on Big Paper add life to conferences, meetings and discussions.

A visual thinker with a background in business, technology and design, Matt's big paper drawings provide a backdrop for the facilitation of lively group conversation, strategy, clarity and vision casting.

Types of Big Paper Strategy Live Projects

Graphic Recording

We use big paper, thick gorgeous markers and exceptional listening skills to create visual records of meetings.

Brainstorming Facilitation

Big Paper Strategy can Provide Graphic Facilitation, as well as host/meeting facilitation to your event.

Vision Casting

Match Leadership Vision Casting with a visual that captures emotions, motivations and strategy cohesion

Corporate Iconography

Teach Your Staff to draw a common visual language and reduce confusion / igly white boards.

Customer Profiles, Journeys and Process Maps

Work through events together to identify weaknesses and opportunities.

Enabling Creativity in Employees

Encourage employees to be more than their job titles.

Big Paper Benefits

Meeting Attendees Share Images of Graphic Recordings via Social Media
Speeches, Keynotes and Discussions Are Clarified and Enhanced
Participants Enjoy a New and Exciting Visual Treat
Discussions and Meeting Benefit from a Holistic Visual Viewpoint
Speakers Feel Empowered, Pampered, and Appreciated
Powerful Post Meeting Images for Follow Up and Future Event Promotion

This layering and cohesion was not at all visible in the linear presentation, but presented as a whole, was exceptional- and, honestly a great way for those that would be in attendance to accept the vision.
Allan MarshallDirector, Polymer Resource Center
Your leadership, direction and guidance last night thru the brainstorming was so much more than I ever thought or imagined!
Bruce LymanESL Director
You brought a layer of richness and excitement to the conference that was pretty magical!! And thank you for sending the digital files ... they are gorgeous!!
Nancy HawthorneSenior Manager, Conference Projects